Virtuoso questions

On april 25 2014 we had a knowledge session on Virtuoso Details virtuoso webinar on 25 april. This page contains the questions and answers.

See also: LinkedIn item: Vragen over Virtuoso voor kennisoverdracht LOD2




How to show RDF resources when accessed by their own URI

What are the differences between the open source and the closed source version of Virtuoso?

Can you share your experiences with other projects that are working with the combination of Hadoop, Virtuoso and Elasticsearch, in environments with a lot of data?

  • Most implementation we come across in the Enterprise are using Virtuoso as the RDF Quad Store for indexing of Meta Data in conjunction with a combination of Hadoop, Elasticsearch, Lucense/Solr , Key Value (No-SQL) database and traditional relational databases.
  • Example Elsevier Smart Content Linked Data Repository

Is the new LOD2 ETL tool Unified Views an open source tool that can be used within the PiLOD platform to get Hadoop data into an Virtuoso environment?

  • Unified Views is open source and will be part for the final LOD2 Stack release
  • There was a LOD2 Webinar on Unified Views earlier this month
  • Don’t see anything specifically about Hadoop support but I would imagine hadoop jobs can be defined in its processing pipeline for invocation in processing data (large), which once processed and transformed to RDF can be store in Virtuoso as a support triple store in the LOD2 Stack

What are the typical use cases for Virtuoso Sponger? And what are the differences, pros and cons compared to other RDF middleware?

What are best practices to convert RDBMS data to RDF data?

What are the possibilities with Geodata in Virtuoso 7.1?

What are the known issues with Geo data support in Virtuoso 7.1 and what is the schedule and priority to resolve those issues?

  • GeoKnow ends in 1.5 years time so would expect to have full compliance by then, but hope to be well before that

Which parties are also interested in Geo Data?

How to store time related data (temporal) ?

What would be your reading recommendation for the Virtuoso documentation?

What are best practices to run the server?