Step 9: Link the data

A final and optional step is to link the dataset to other datasets to be able to provide more context to the data. Linked Data, unlike other data formatting and publication approaches, provides a simple mechanism for combining data from multiple sources across the Web.

Several guidelines on how to combine datasets can be found on the web providing step-by-step guidelines . Different types of links can be made: ontology links and data links. While links to ontologies have been already made in Step 3, we will now describe data links. Data links: The data itself can also be linked to other available linked datasets. This may be useful to provide more context to the data. Consider for example a dataset that includes addresses which contain a reference to a town. It is likely that more information about these towns is already available on the web. DBpedia, for example, the linked data version of Wikipedia, usually has an entry for each town. One could add triples to the original dataset to link the addresses to the DBpedia entry providing more details about the town.

Another option is to create a new dataset that contains the links between your and other datasets. This way it can be done afterwards, but it can also be done by others that link your data to other datasets.

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