SDI.Next: Linked Spatial Data in Europe – March 12th, 2019

In 2017 we (EuroSDR and Platform Linked Data Netherlands) organized an International Spatial Linked Data event in the Netherlands.

The concept was relatively simple; provide an overview of spatial linked data implementations across Europe, and share knowledge and create networks to improve new implementations. This event was successful, and now, almost 2 years later, we do it again! Same approach, same location! But an even more impressive list of speakers from all over Europe (and beyond). In one day, the visitor will learn about a wide range of linked data implementations, and will capture the best practices from these implementations, and can discuss and network with Linked Data specialists.

Date: March 12th, 2019
Location: RCE Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Photo impression: SDI.Next: Linked Spatial Data in Europe

Summary: Report on PLDN-EuroSDR event


8:30-8:55 - Registration, badges and coffee (main hall & registration table)


Time Theatre room
8:55 Opening by Martijn Rijsdijk & Erwin Folmer (Kadaster, PLDN) (slides)
9:00 Keynote: Simon Scheider (University of Utrecht) - Question-answering with linked spatial data: the role of spatial core concepts (slides)

Block Round Trip Europe part I

9:30 Miroslav Liska (Semantic Web Company): Linked Open Public Data in Slovakia and Austria (slides)
9:50 Raf Buyle (Informatie Vlaanderen): Linked Data approach to unlock Spatial Objects (slides)
10.10 Emmanuel Seguin (IGN): Developing linked data activities and strategy at IGN France and in EuroSDR (slides)

10:30-11:00 - Break

Block standardisation

11:00 Paul Janssen (Geonovum): INSPIRE, NEN3610 and Linked Data (slides)
11:20 Martin Bauer (NEC Laboratories): Context Information Management at ETSI ISG CIM, using NGSI-LD and Property Graphs (slides)
11:45 Ivan Herman (W3C/CWI): First impressions of the W3C workshop on Graph Data (slides)


12:00 Frans Knibbe: The Space Ontology (slides)
12:10 Marco Brattinga (Ordina): Data on the web – an inconvenient truth (slides)
12:20 Joop Vanderheiden (RCE): The Linked Data Platform @ the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (slides)
12:30 Wouter Beek (Triply & Kadaster): 3D SPARQL Querying (slides)

12:45-13:45 - Lunch

Block OpenELS & Round Trip Europe part II

13:45 Roy Mellum (Kartverket Norway): OpenELS presentation & demo; and status Norway (slides)
14:05 Erwin Folmer (Kadaster Netherlands): Status Linked Data in the Netherlands (slides)
14:15 Eero Hietanen (National Land Survey of Finland): Status Finland (slides)
14:25 Eduardo Martín (National Centre of Geographic Information Spain): Status Spain (slides)

Block Round Trip Europe and more part III

14:35 Pasquale Di Donato (Swisstopo): The Linked Data Service of the Swiss FSDI (slides)
14:55 Adrian Gschwend (Zazuko): The Swiss Government Linked Data Infastructure (slides)
15:15 Robert Engels (Cap Gemini Norway): Where is the Semantics in (Norwegian) popular Music? (slides)
15:35 Bill Roberts (Swirrl) - Implementing the Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices in the UK (slides)


16:00 - Closing remarks and drinks (slides)

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