Productenmarkt Organisaties en Producten

The following products will be shown at Productenmarkt Beeld en Geluid on 29 September.



What is it? PoolParty is a world-class semantic technology suite created by Semantic Web Company that offers sharply focused solutions to your knowledge organization and content business.
More info The PoolParty Semantic Suite consists of a range of products. Create domain-specific vocabularies like taxonomies or thesauri with PoolParty Thesaurus Server ( Extend them by linked data, custom schemes, and ontologies. Make use of automatic text corpus analysis! Provide text mining services based on this. PoolParty Textmining & Entity Extractor ( is a highly precise entity extraction service, which follows the semantics of your domain vocabularies. Integrate PoolParty services into your content life cycle. PoolParty PowerTagging is available for a number of popular CMS, and can be created for any other enterprise platform at relatively low costs. Provide semantic applications on top for better search or business analytics by using sOnr webMining or PoolParty Semantic Integrator (
At the stand Semantic Web Company and Taxonic


What is it? Publishing and Enriching Linked Open Statistical Data for the Development of Data Analytics and Enhanced Visualization Services
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At the stand ProXML


What is it? SEMMweb™ is the Semantic Web software created by Semmtech.
More info SEMMweb™ allows for information to be managed and published for access via the internet. Such information could take the form of dictionaries, product catalogues, or standards that products need to conform to. Larger quantities of data, such as project data or geographical data, could also be modelled by using SEMMweb™.
At the stand Semmtech

Oracle Spatial and Graph

What is it? Oracle Spatial and Graph, formerly Oracle Spatial, forms a separately-licensed option component of the Oracle Database. The spatial features in Oracle Spatial and Graph aid users in managing geographic and location-data in a native type within an Oracle database, potentially supporting a wide range of applications — from automated mapping/facilities-management and geographic information systems (GIS), to wireless location services and location-enabled e-business. The graph features in Oracle Spatial and Graph include Oracle Network Data Model (NDM) graphs used in traditional network applications in major transportation, telcos, utilities and energy organizations and RDF semantic graphs used in social networks and social interactions and in linking disparate data sets to address requirements from the research, health sciences, finance, media and intelligence communities.
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At the stand Oracle


What is it? Dydra is a powerful graph database in the cloud, allowing your business to make the most of highly connected data, such as social networks.
More info Dydra is a cloud-based graph database. With Dydra, your data is natively stored as a property graph, directly representing the relationships in the underlying data using RDF. Dydra uses open standards recommended by the W3C. With Dydra, you access and update your data via an industry-standard query language, SPARQL, specifically designed for graph processing. All you need is an internet connection. And you own your data: it's always yours to take with you in a number of formats. Our focus is on easy to use infrastructure, which we manage to leave you free to focus on your business or research projects, but our stack is suited to deployment and integration across the full spectrum, from cloud services for remote access, to in-house installations. Dydra was founded by a team of capable, experienced and passionate technology engineers and managers. We design, build and deploy tailored solutions for semantic data management and can advise you how best to apply this technology to your application domain.
At the stand Dydra and Semaku