Pilod Allegrograph

The AllegroGraph server can be accessed via: http://agraph.pilod.nl


Test with Full text index

Using the management interface Manage free-text indices i created a free text index with the following specs:
Free-text indices
freetext_objects [edit] [delete]
Predicates: All
Index literals: true
Index resources: false
Parts indexed: object
Tokenizer: default
Mimimum word size: 3
Stop words: and, are, but, for, into, not, such, that, the, their, then, there, these, they, this, was, will, with
Word filters: None

See also the online manual
With this index the following queries can be done:
select ?s ?p ?o {?s ?p ?o. ?s fti:match 'Siebel B.V.' }

This query selects all triples where the object containts "Siebel" and "B.V."