Beschrijving Dydra is a powerful graph database in the cloud, allowing your business to make the most of highly connected data, such as social networks.
Korte samenvatting Dydra is a cloud-based graph database. With Dydra, your data is natively stored as a property graph, directly representing the relationships in the underlying data using RDF. Dydra uses open standards recommended by the W3C. With Dydra, you access and update your data via an industry-standard query language, SPARQL, specifically designed for graph processing. All you need is an internet connection. And you own your data: it's always yours to take with you in a number of formats. Our focus is on easy to use infrastructure, which we manage to leave you free to focus on your business or research projects, but our stack is suited to deployment and integration across the full spectrum, from cloud services for remote access, to in-house installations. Dydra was founded by a team of capable, experienced and passionate technology engineers and managers. We design, build and deploy tailored solutions for semantic data management and can advise you how best to apply this technology to your application domain.
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Website werk http://dydra.com/
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