Details Linking Tools Silk and Limes presentation on june 20

The SIlk and Limes webinar will be held on June 20 2014.


  • 10.30 Presentation on Silk by Robert Isele (brox GmbH)
  • 10.50 Presentation on Limes by Axel Ngonga (University Leipzig)
  • 11.10 Q&A
  • 11.30 End

We will setup a beamer for a large audience, colocated with Conceptual Fridays. Address: Barchman Wuytierslaan 10, 3818 LH, Amersfoort To join to webinar go to the following link:


The Silk Link Discovery Framework is a tool for discovering relationships between data items within different Linked Data sources. The declarative Silk Link Specification Language (Silk-LSL) allows the user to specify identity resolution heuristics which define the conditions data items must fulfil in order to be interlinked. The LOD2 stack employs Silk to identify URIs which represent the same real-world entity.

Recording of a previous webinar on Silk:


Born from the wish to make linking tractable, the Link Discovery Framework for Metric Spaces (LIMES) is tailored towards the time-efficient and lossless discovery of links across knowledge bases. LIMES is an extensible declarative framework that encapsulates manifold algorithms dedicated to the processing of structured data of any sort. Built with extensibility and easy integration in mind, LIMES allows implementing applications that integrate, consume and/or generate Linked Data. Within LOD2, it will be used for discovering links between knowledge bases.

Recording of a previous webinar on Limes: