Semaphore Knowledge Modelling Workshop – September 20th, 2019

Date: September 20th, 2019
Time: 9:30 to 12:30 hours
Location: BDVC, Utrecht
Hosted by: Paul Gunstone
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Modelling what is important to your organization – topics, concepts, entities, and relationships between them – creates a complete picture of the information that organizations use. Smartlogic Semaphore Knowledge Model Management (KMM) complies with Linked Data standards and best practices. Built upon Resource Description Framework (RDF), models are expressed as triples; powerful and flexible structures, which scale to the needs of the enterprise.

Semaphore KMM is a web-based, feature-rich, modelling and collaboration platform used by data modelers to interact with stakeholders and subject matter experts to create models that accurately reflect the organization. The easy-to-use web interface is designed for business users to support a fully business-driven modeling process without lengthy training. KMM also support text analysis/mining from existing sources to discover e.g. core concepts and alternative labels.

During this workshop you will get a first introduction to the web-based Semaphore Knowledge Modelling environment (KMM) We will cover the main modelling steps to develop knowledge models, like taxonomies, thesauri and ontologies and we will highlight the commonalities and differences between them. And we will also illustrate how these models can be used to improve e.g. the search results of search engines, how to map muliple models with each other, how to link to external sources like e.g. DBpedia (and re-use content from DBpedia), how to improve the results of data analytics, etc. (or a selection of these topics given the time we have available for this workshop).

You are expected to bring your own laptop to this hands-on session, but you don’t have to install any software, since we will make use of an online Semaphore Knowledge Modelling environment for this workshop.